We are professionals. Parents. Educators. Dreamers. Hard workers.  Adventure seekers. We have a love for coffee, professional and personal development, family, cooking good food, and the great outdoors (Maine is our happy place!).  We are ordinary people on a mission to live extraordinary lives. AND we want you to join the movement with us. 

Wherever you are, we’ve been there, too, in one way or another.  Exhausted. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Burdened by student loan debt.  Burnt out.  Insecure in our capabilities. Deep into people pleasing.  Caught up in living out the dreams of others.  Fixated on meeting expectations.  Searching for answers.  Searching for purpose.

But then...we made a choice to stop waiting on others to show us the way.  To instead, create the life we wanted.  Fueled by purpose.  Chasing what matters and leaving behind what doesn't.  Creating solutions rather than aimlessly searching.  And just taking action, one small step at a time. 

We set out to help others simplify growth, breakdown mindset barriers, and have major breakthroughs in their life and business.  





Dr. James Fischer is a Board Certified Prosthodontist and has been proudly serving the Fort Worth community since 2016.  He currently runs his own private practice and has grown its revenue to well over seven figures in under 2 years. His dedication to excellence has won him multiple Top Dentist awards in the past few years. 

In addition to running a private practice, he has served as an adjunct faculty member and served on numerous boards in the DFW area.  After hiring numerous coaches and consultants to help him navigate the complexities of building and running his own business, he set out to share these tools and resources with others in hopes of launching them faster, and easier (AND less costly) into the life they set out to live. 


Annica has spent the last decade in leadership, coaching, and consulting. She’s trained thousands of leaders, healthcare workers, and front line staff on everything needed to build an exceptional experience - for both teams and consumers alike.  Her primary work has been with large healthcare systems, using her certifications in lean six sigma and her MBA to develop simple and sustainable strategies, efficient processes, and deliver excellence.  

She spent the majority of her career connecting people back to purpose and decided to connect back to hers when she recently left her full time career.  She wanted to be more available for her kids and dedicate her work to helping women and small businesses dream bigger dreams and have the tools to do just that! 

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